How PearlPoint Turned Content Overload Into A 300% Increase in Visitor Engagement

Home page redesign - PearlPoint


PearlPoint wanted to help more cancer patients, more efficiently. But when they contacted Centresource for help with website design and custom development, they were suffering from content overload. Their existing website looked nice, but visitors found it difficult to navigate, search and find the information they were looking for. Enter Centresource. We redesigned the structure of the website and created clearer click paths for users, making it easier to find the most valuable content amongst PearlPoint’s treasure trove of resources. Now, cancer patients and advocates are spending more time than ever on the site accessing custom, individualized resources that help improve their well-being.

Personalized content - PearlPoint

The Client

PearlPoint is an online cancer resource center. The digital extension of the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, PearlPoint connects patients with expert information and support so they can navigate their journey against cancer.

The Opportunity

With more than 25 years of experience, 1,500 help articles and 3 certified, full-time health specialists on staff, PearlPoint had a wealth of helpful content and expert knowledge at their disposal. They just needed a way to deliver these resources online in a way that was both comforting and easy-to-use.

Our Approach

Our approach to building Pearlpoint's site was simple: to take a subject matter that was complex, clinical and cold, and transform it into something warm, inviting and - above all else - user-friendly. To construct such a robust resource site, we broke down the project into the following steps:

  • Audience

    First, we needed to research and understand our audience. PearlPoint actually had three, distinct audience: cancer patients and caregivers, survivors and health care professionals. Each of these groups would be interested in different types of resources, so it would be important to guide users through the site so they could discover the most relevant content for their specific needs.

  • User Experience

    Since PearlPoint addressed so many different audiences and types of cancer, it became clear that the new website would be most effective if it personalized the user experience for each visitor. How could we create custom site paths for each user? By adding an interactive component.

  • Interactive

    To achieve the ultimate level of personalization, Centresource built a new “My PearlPoint” portal into the website. This interactive portal would allow registered users to save and organize helpful resources, track dates and appointments, and receive personal guidance from PearlPoint’s full-time cancer support professionals.

  • Scalability

    With the new site taking shape, we needed to address the challenge of scalability. To help PearlPoint integrate thousands of pieces of content, Centresource created a custom CMS that pulled in content from multiple sources and organized them in a library that was both easy to navigate and understand.

  • Accesible & Mobile-Friendly

    Another critical piece of the PearlPoint site design was making sure that the site was accessible and mobile-friendly. Centresource built My PearlPoint using a responsive methodology, ensuring that no matter who the site visitor is - or what device they're using - they would get a beautiful, tailored experience.

  • Branding & Design

    To humanize the subject matter, Centresource augmented PearlPoint’s beautiful new branding with photos and stories from real survivors. Complimented with a rich color palette, the final site design would educate and empower visitors, while reminding cancer patients that they are not alone.

The Final Results

Centresource helped bring the Minnie Pearl Foundation’s mission to life online: “To create a more confident cancer journey for adults anytime, anywhere.” Together, PearlPoint.org and the My.PearlPoint.org portal celebrate:

Personalizing a website - PearlPoint

Increasing Engagement
And Activity On The Website

Most importantly, the new PearlPoint.org website is far more helpful and user-friendly than its previous version. This is most apparent when looking at the average time spent on each site. Whereas site visitors only spent an average of 2:15 per visit on the old site, site engagement has grown almost 300% year-over-year. Now, on average, visitors spend more than 6:20 on PearlPoint.org each visit - a strong indication that they’re not only finding the resources they’re looking for, but the resources they need for their personal fight against cancer.