How a conversion-focused site redesign increased Travelink’s leads by 250%

Optimized home page - Travelink


How do you triple your online business? By combining goal-oriented website design, custom development and conversion rate optimization. After all, a website shouldn’t just look good. It also needs to help you achieve your business goals. Such was the case with Travelink. The company approached Centresource to help refresh their outdated website, but we saw a much bigger opportunity. Here are the tactics that helped them create 250% more customers online.

New home page - Travelink

The Company

Travelink is an American Express Travel Agency. Based in Nashville, TN, Travelink specializes in vacation and business travel management, as well as a variety of travel-related financial services for American Express customers.

The Opportunity

Travelink wanted to create a new website that made the process of researching and booking a vacation as easy and exciting as possible for their clients.

Our Approach

At Centresource, our websites get better over time. This is a result of a website-building and optimization process we call “Make, Market and Measure” that we applied with Travelink:


The biggest challenge in building Travelink’s website was creating a custom content management system (or, “CMS”) that could manage the dozens of APIs and thousands of third-party articles that powered the Travelink experience. Hundreds of thousands of lines of code needed to be parsed properly so the site’s travel information was searchable, displayed beautifully and delivered in a user-friendly manner. Luckily, our expert developers were more than up to the task.

Conversion rate optimization - Travelink


To make sure the new Travelink website worked as it good as it looked, Centresource performed an extensive conversion rate optimization (or, “CRO”) campaign. This process increased sales from existing site visits, independent of other marketing efforts focused on increasing overall traffic to the site. Our CRO efforts included: creating clearer, more vibrant calls-to-action; gathering better tracking and analytics so travel agents could understand a shopper’s intent; and, optimizing the user flow so that visitors not only could research details for their ideal vacation, but also have a clearer path to book their trip at any time.


After launching a new website, it’s important to measure how effectively it’s engaging and converting your audience. What sections of the site are visitors gravitating towards? Which pages are converting better than others? These insights will allow you to make data-driven decisions on how to continue to optimize your new site and improve your online business. For Travelink, these continued CRO efforts included changes to the global navigation, more prominent placements for special discounts and promotions, enhanced search and itinerary-building features, and improved booking forms. Together, these tweaks helped activate more shoppers and convert them into active Travelink buyers.

The Results

After six months, Centresource has increased Travelink’s online conversion rate by 82%. On average, the site now generates 250% more leads each week than its older versions.

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