How a new website helped Urgent Team increase online ROI by 1000%

Redesigned Urgent Team home page

Urgent Team

Our work with Urgent Team was as much of an exercise in online brand-building as it was website design and digital marketing. When we started, Urgent Team wanted to build a new website that would enhance their brand recognition in the communities they serve. Below are the steps we took to rebuild the company’s online presence and create a new source of referrals and revenue for their business.

Example payment form - Urgent Team

The Client

Urgent Team owns and operates high-quality walk-in urgent care centers in three states. While patients can run into long waits before being seen by their regular physicians, Urgent Team centers are more accessible, offering night and weekend hours, as well as convenient online registration features that speed up check-in.

The Problem

At the beginning of our engagement, Urgent Team’s website was not patient-focused. Offline, the company had acquired a new chain of care centers, were expanding rapidly and had undergone a corporate name change – all in a span of a few months. In other words, Urgent Team didn’t just need Centresource to redesign their current website. They needed to create a new website that represented their new brand, and then grow awareness of this new brand online.

Our Approach

Translating a company’s brand to the Web requires more than just pretty pictures. It requires that you understand your target audience and bring clear, consistent value to them. To tackle this re-designing and marketing project for Urgent Team, we followed a process that we consider to be best practice here at Centresource:

  • Creating a detailed strategy & plan

    Strategic kickoff. What needs to happen for the new website to be considered successful? What content and brand assets currently exist? What’s the best way to communicate Urgent Team’s mission and personality online?

  • Research

    Thorough research of stakeholders, target demographics and touch points. What would potential customers be searching for when they discover this website? Would they be ready to sign up immediately, or would they have questions first?

  • Design

    Designing a website that attracts, educates and activates visitors. Urgent Team’s site didn’t just need to look good; it needed to simplify the patient experience. The final design would educate visitors on the value of the company’s services, while also allowing them to easily take action by paying for or booking new appointments.

  • Development

    Building the website with custom web development. When important features and integrations are required - such as Urgent Team’s registration forms and bill pay tools - extra attention and expertise are needed to make sure the user experience is optimized and the site performs flawlessly.

  • Launch

    Launching the website with a marketing campaign. When a new site is deployed, the brand’s story isn’t over. After all, a great web experience still needs an audience. For Urgent Team, we used a mixture of social, organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) marketing to amplify the reach of the company’s new website.

  • Marketing & Measuring

    Measuring results and optimizing marketing efforts. Online marketing is an iterative process, especially when it involves a new brand and website. In order to meet your goals, you need to constantly track results, gain insights into what is and isn’t working (and why) and make adjustments on-the-fly.

Urgent Team's Results

Since launching their new website, Urgent Team has enjoyed immediate results, including:

Example location page - Urgent Team
  • A unified brand and message.

    A brand isn’t a logo; it’s who your company is and what you do. Urgent Team’s new website doesn’t just look better than their old site, but also communicates better with the communities and patients they serve.

  • Powering Urgent Team’s offline marketing online.

    Like many businesses, Urgent Team incorporates traditional TV, print and radio advertising in its marketing efforts. Now, rather than hoping that someone sees an ad and immediately visits a center, Urgent Team can use their website as a central hub to educate and convert customers who want to learn more about the services the company offers.

  • Building measurable brand loyalty.

    Patients can visit the Urgent Team website in-between appointments to learn about new service offerings and promotions. This helps patients stay in touch and feel connected to their providers. Now, on average, new Urgent Team patients will visit a center three times each year.

  • Cost­-efficient source for referrals and new revenue.

    Since launching the new website, online referrals have become the fastest growing source of new patient sign-ups for Urgent Team. To date, the corresponding SEO/SEM campaigns are producing more than 1000% ROI each month.

In Their Words

From the beginning, Centresource made the overwhelming task of creating a detailed and flexible website a simple process. Their team was phenomenal about suggesting ideas we hadn't thought of as well as listening to us, advising us and incorporating our own ideas. Needless to say, the consultation process was extremely friendly and efficient. Post-launch, Centresource’s marketing team has been prodigious in researching, advising and adjusting our campaigns to ensure our website is appearing when potential and current patients are searching for the services we provide online.