How WyckWyre increased leads 400% by designing a site for conversions, not search engines

CRO case study - the redesigned WyckWyre site


If your visitors are struggling to navigate your site, they’re probably also struggling to understand why they should buy from you. Such was the case with WyckWyre. Their site was ranking well in search engines, but was not converting the leads it was supposed to. Our work with WyckWyre combined website design and conversion rate optimization (or, “CRO”) best practices. By simplifying their site and creating a clearer user path, we helped WyckWyre’s site exceed business goals to the tune of 400% more online leads each month. Read on to learn more about how we made this happen.

WyckWyre site images

The Company

An award-winning tech startup, WyckWyre is an HR solution for restaurant owners.

The Problem

WyckWyre’s site was built for search engines, not humans. It was oversized, un-naturally stuffed with keywords and the navigation wasn’t user-friendly. While the site was ranking well and getting organic traffic, visitors were quickly bouncing when they didn't find any helpful content or a compelling value proposition.

The Opportunity

Wyckwyre had a strong sales team and knew that if they could get a prospect to call, they could close the deal. However, the company had been adding pages to their site for the sake of improving SEO without considering the needs of their target audience.

In order to generate more leads, Wyckwyre needed to redesign their website to both rank AND convert well in the search engines.

The Solution

Centresource helped Wyckwyre blend CRO best practices with their existing SEO, which consisted of the following:

  • Cutting out unneccessary pages and creating a smaller, flatter site.

  • Less clutter across the site allowed us to simplify the navigation and streamline user flow so visitors could more easily find information about what Wyckwyre does, how the company could help and how to get in touch.

  • Having created a clearer path through the site, we were able to narrow Wyckwyre’s value proposition and place it front and center. This allowed us to more quickly explain the benefits of working with Wyckwyre and create clearer, prominent call-to-action buttons throughout the site.

  • With this singular path to conversion, we were able to better focus on CRO efforts that would qualify and convert leads. This included a simpler contact form and separate paths for companies looking to hire rather than job-seekers.

A site that ranks and converts - WyckWyre

The Results

The new site shattered original goals and experienced a 400% increase in the number of leads delivered in the first month after launch. The Wyckwyre team calls the new site a "workhorse" and is exploring ways to optimize it even further.

Path to conversion - WyckWyre

In Their Words

Before, if we were getting 2-3 leads a month that were viable off the site, we were thrilled. Now, we get at least 1-2 leads a week and have upped our lead generation by 4x! We are in love! AND that's without me devoting major resources to blogging or SEO!