This is who we are.

We are a product development company located in historic Germantown in Nashville, TN. Since 2003, we have helped companies build and launch business-changing websites and mobile apps. We believe technology decisions are business decisions. That means we won’t build something “just because,” and we work hard to help clients find the right solution for their problem.

We’re focused on solving problems for our clients – not on one-size-fits-all technology. Every member of the team has something to bring to the table. Your domain expertise combined with our business and technology skills make for a winning project. We believe in being good stewards of your budget and timeline, and above all, that technology should support your goals and provide good return on investment.

These are the solutions we offer.


Sales Enablement

Revenue solves business problems. When your technology isn’t working for you, your whole business suffers. We can help you find the right technology solution to increase conversions and take pain out of the sales process.


Market Innovation

Innovation is everywhere. Maybe you have a great idea for a new business. Or, maybe you see an opportunity for your established business to diversify. We love new ideas and projects that change the way the world works.


Business Automation

Process is king. If you want your business to run efficiently, you have to implement the right processes for your team. Technology plays a big part in that, and we can help you find the right automation to free your time and save you money.

Meet the team.

Ann Howard

Managing Partner

Brandon Valentine

Managing Partner

Janet Timmons

Managing Partner

Rami Perry

Director of Business Development

Monica Selby

Business Development

Tomiko Peirano

Business Development

Maureen Higgins

Director of Strategy

Maureen Magnussen

Director of Client Experience

Robbie Hall

Director of Accounts

Julie Strickland

Business Analyst

Joe Hajek

Design Director

Jimmy Thorn

UX Developer

Desmond Cain


Emma Beaton


Robby Clements


Zach Keller

Designer / Developer

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1313 4th Ave North Nashville, TN 37208 (615) 313-7679

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