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Centresource is a product management firm committed to reducing the chance of software projects failing. We believe technology decisions are business decisions. Since 2003 we've helped our clients remove guesswork, technology fads, unproductive team dynamics, and competitive noise that make most software projects a dangerous gamble.

We prove product-market fit, validate solutions with your customers, and build technology that lasts. Writing the code is the easy part. Knowing what to build and when takes both experience and humility. We believe in being good stewards of your budget and timeline, and above all, that technology should support your goals and provide good return on investment.

Software that serves your business goals.


Sales Enablement

Revenue solves a multitude of business problems. Software can be a powerful force in helping sales and marketing teams attract new customers, shorten sales cycles, and close deals.


Market Innovation

Companies in non-technical industries are using software as a competitive advantage. A solid software product strategy allows you to own the market space where your industry is moving.


Process Automation

Efficiency gains drop directly to the bottom line. Software can automate time-consuming manual processes, allowing companies to lower costs and increase revenue.

Meet the team.

Ann Howard

Managing Partner

Janet Timmons

Managing Partner

Rami Perry

Director of Business Development

Tomiko Peirano

Business Development

Maureen Higgins

Director of Strategy

Maureen Magnussen

Director of Client Experience

Robbie Hall

Director of Accounts

Julie Strickland

Business Analyst

Jimmy Thorn

UX Developer

Desmond Cain


Emma Beaton


Robby Clements


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